General Repair

Repair Garage Doors

Argus Garage Door Repair doors are heavy, bulky, and hard to handle if you don’t know what you are doing. If your door is in a state of disrepair, it can be a safety or security hazard. Don’t wait to call us!

Your door is a complex system set up to balance and operate smoothly by the correct adjustment and function of springs, pulleys, tracks, hinges, cables, rollers and lights. All of these parts have to be in good working condition for your door to be judged safe to operate. If your door is getting stuck during its cycle, opening too fast, or closing to hard, leaking or twisting, then you need to give us a call.

Argus Garage Doors we have the tools and expertise to correctly diagnose what the problem is and design a fix for you that will last. Our technicians are trained to offer you the right solution at the right price, and we want you to stay safe! If your door is malfunctioning, call us today!

Spring Repair:

The springs that help raise and lower your garage door safely are probably the most intricate part of your door. Every year, over 20,000 people are hurt in the United States from garage door related accidents and the vast majority of these injuries are due to faulty springs.

There are two types of springs in your garage door and they have to be the right size, weight and tension to balance your door and ensure smooth function. An expert technician who has the right tools is your best choice when you have a spring repair need. At Argus Garage Doors we have the parts, the know-how and the technicians to get your springs repaired or replaced, and adjust them correctly. Don’t take a chance on a faulty spring! Call us today!

Broken Hinge

This is one of the most common problems with garage doors. One of our Argus Garage Door technicians can come to your house promptly and and replace your broken garage door hinge.

Coordination Process

The expected life of a garage door spring is usually 10,000 cycles. Argus Garage Door technicians an help you choose the right spring for your garage door.

Garage Door Broken

Is your garage door broken? If you live in the San Francisco area and need a garage door technician to look at your garage door, we can help! Just let us know and our emergency garage door repair technician will be there the same day!