Automatic Garage Doors

Automation is an increasingly popular choice in San Francisco and we can offer automatic garage doors in a wide range of styles, finishes and materials. That’s why, whether you want an up and over garage door, a sectional garage door or any other garage door style, it’s well worth thinking about automation and adding a little luxury into your life.

Remote Opening

We can automate any of our top quality, perfectly installed garage doors here at Garage Doors San Francisco. Alternatively, we can also automate your existing door if you’re fully satisfied by what you already have.

Safety and Security

In addition to being the ultimate in convenience, automatic garage doors are a great way of boosting security for your garage space and your home. Our automatic doors come with a range of safety features in order to ensure this, including obstruction guards. Plus, when the door is shut, it’s locked and can only be opened again by those who have the authority to do so.

Project Management

Coordination Process

Reporting and Cost Control